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2. Suitability

Level 3 APLE Certification

Who Should Apply?

The Level 3 Programme is suitable for senior managers that have a significant track record of managing lean transformations and a deep knowledge and understanding of lean thinking principles and techniques, gained through several managerial roles in employment.

Applicants may already have a range of academic or technical qualifications or have no formal high level lean qualifications or recognition of their credentials.

LCS Level 3 lean certification is also the natural progression for experienced LCS Level 2 managers, who have developed strong leadership capabilities and strategic implementation experience.

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Candidate Profile

Candidates should have:

  • Been successful in applying lean thinking in varied environments over at least ten years in management roles.
  • Demonstrable leadership capability and experience.
  • Experience in strategy development and deployment and lean/CI programme design and implementation
  • A broad knowledge of lean thinking gained through application, training, education or research

Lean Leadership Competencies

The LCS takes a systems approach to lean thinking and lean leadership and has suggested Five Personal Lean Competencies that represent the observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes that contribute to being an effective lean leader and necessary for enhanced performance and organisational success.

The Level 3 Programme is an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate they possess and are developing these competencies