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Scale your LCS Programme

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Your Scalability Challenges

Through community feedback this year, you shared with us a number of standout challenges that you are facing when trying to scale your LCS programmes, and these fall into three broad buckets – capacity; learning assets & supporting CI infrastructure

1. Capacity

The lack of capacity to deliver more is the main issue highlighted that is stifling your progress. There are a number of related challenges here:

  • Insufficient resource to deliver instructor led training and follow on coaching, which is always resource hungry and often key person(s) dependent. LCS member organisations of all sizes are suffering with this, resulting in far slower progress and adoption of CI.
  • Lack of capacity to manage learner questions outside of coaching processes. Learners (particularly at LCS level 1b & 1c) need lots of questions answering on often relatively simple improvement topics. When you are scaling, these stack up quickly and it can be difficult for your small group of coaches to be responsive
  • No time to develop your LCS pathway further. Many LCS members would love to develop their pathway further to enrich their programme, for example adding level 2, but just don’t have the time to develop it.

2. Learning Assets

Closely linked to challenge #1 is a limitation in terms of the assets that you have at your disposal to drive widespread LCS adoption and move closer towards a culture of CI. The key challenges:

  • No digital learning assets available equals a heavy reliance on people to deliver learning (and a key reason for the capacity issues highlighted above). Blended learning is a must for any organisation looking to work at pace and at scale and many LCS members are yet to adopt a blended approach to building capability.
  • Lack of methodologies, best practice tools/templates and other learning assets. Many organisations still lack basic standardisation within their CI teams. The lack of assets lead to hit or miss results and time wasted ‘reinventing the wheel’ as ultimately non-standard approaches result in variability and inefficiencies within your improvement teams.

3. CI Infrastructure

The final key hurdle faced, which is linked to challenge #2, is lack of/inadequate infrastructure to scale your programme. Within this we find:

  • Reliance on manual LCS process e.g. testing (including marking); producing manual certificates; manually logging people who are certified; updating skills matrices; etc.
  • Improvement information is often scattered around organisational systems and where it is found in one place (e.g. SharePoint site), it is poorly organised, fragmented or time intensive to maintain a level of orderliness.

In addition to the three key themes above, some global LCS members additionally need to cater for different languages. However, the effort needed to achieve this combined with the lack capacity often means that English is the de-facto language for improvement. This hinders true global culture change.

"Previously, our improvement training was entirely classroom-based, which significantly limited our ability to scale the programme due to capacity constraints and the challenge of training in multiple languages. By adopting a blended approach and shifting much of the content online, we overcame these challenges and achieved a standardised approach across our global organisation. Implementing our LCS programme in this manner has saved us time, money, and resources. This shift has enabled us to significantly enhance our reach within the organisation, making our training available to more people. In turn, this has improved our lean maturity across the organisation through a unified approach, resulting in optimal outcomes." ."

Ian Munday, Head of CI Technical Delivery - RS Group plc

LCS’ Innovative Solution to Your Challenges - Introducing OpX

Learn, Apply, Certify & Measure –  out of the box

How OpX Supports You to Overcome Your Challenges​

OpX Feature Benefit
LCS approved content, off the shelf, for both service & manufacturing businesses Expand your existing LCS programme by adding new certification levels
Over 50 online learning modules on a wide range of CI topics Compliment or expand your current LCS learning journeys and implement blended learning to save time
Track skills and certifications for all learners Apply learning to real projects and track progress and ROI
Facilitate in-app expert & AI coaching 

"If you are looking to build operational excellence and lean capability within your business and you want a codified approach that's customisable for your business, then I would absolutely recommend using the OpX platform..."

David Harper, Director - Performance Improvement - Moorhouse Consulting

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