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3. Create Your Profile

Digital Credentials

How can I set up my free profile?

You must be an LCS Practitioner Member with an online account in order to set up a digital credentials profile. If you have an LCS qualification but do not yet have an account, you can set one up by clicking Register.


Watch this two minute set up guide

Step 1

On the LCS home page, login to your LCS account and select My Profile

Step 2

Click on Edit Profile

You can update or add the following:

  • Personal information: name, employer, position, photo, location, social media links
  • LCS qualifications
  • Other relevant CI related qualifications
  • Background information: general personal profile information, other education, previous employment

You can upload complementary information that supports your other lean/ci related qualifications, such as project reports, presentations or articles. If you do this, make sure there are no IP/copyright or confidentiality restrictions and you are comfortable that the information can be accessed by the public.

Click Update when you have completed each section

For qualification changes, you will receive a message: “Thank you – your update will be reviewed by a member of the LCS team…”

Step 3

The LCS reviews and approves your update and the changes are then reflected in your profile.

Download LCS digital award badges

You can display a digital award badge in a range of media, including your email footer or on printed material.