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5. Questionnaire Completion Notes


Questionnaire Completion Notes

  • You should not click the Submit button at the end of the questionnaire unless you want to submit the questionnaire as a draft or final version. Note that you can access a submitted form, make changes and then re-submit a new version.
  • A progress bar is shown at the top of each page. You can click on this to navigate to different pages. The submit button is on the final page.
  • When you submit a questionnaire , you will receive a copy by email. If you update the questionnaire , you will also receive a copy of the new version.
  • Your submission will be acknowledged and an LCS assessor will be in touch to provide feedback.
  • Files uploaded to the questionnaire are protected and nobody can access a file through the file’s URL, nor can it be found by search engines.
  • You may not need to complete some sections, depending on the choices made in preceding parts of the questionnaire .
  • You must consent to data storage for the questionnaire to be sent.