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2. About the Questionnaire



  • To provide an update on the accredited training programme
  • To provide a review of the previous accreditation period
  • To provide an overview of future plans
  • To provide feedback on the use of the LCS

How it works

  • The questionnaire provides an update to the accredited training programme in your organisation’s Google Drive LCS Accreditation Folder.
  • You should reference the folder when completing the questionnaire.
  • The folder should contain the latest material relating to your lean training programme - eg sample training material, assessments, delivery resources, etc
  • Accreditation contacts in the accredited organisation are provided with secure access to view the Google Drive.
  • The LCS will update the folder when re-accreditation process is completed, so that it continues to represent the current state of the accredited programme.

Questionnaire Sections

1. Organisation Details and Update

Organisation information, plus a review of any changes that have or will impact LCS related training. Comments on your overall experience of using the LCS.

2. LCS Use & Certificates

Data on the number of certificates issued and a forecast of numbers to be issued.

3. Training Course Changes

Past and planned changes to courses. Updated LCS Alignment Matrix.

4. Assessment Changes

Past and planned changes to assessments.

5. Delivery and Staffing Changes

Past and planned changes to delivery and staffing.

6. Management and Organisation Changes

Past and planned changes to training system management and organisation.

7. Other Information and Material

An opportunity to provide information or material not covered above.

8. Consent & Submit

In this section you consent to the form data being collected and stored and finally submit. You will be emailed copy of the form on submission and a note about the next steps.