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BOOK REVIEW: Bringing Scientific Thinking to Life

A book review by Jordan Tremaine of Bringing Scientific Thinking to Life by Sylvain Landry – an Introduction to Toyota Kata for next-generation Business Leaders (and those who would like to be)....

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Toyota Kata = Enabling a Lean Culture

Tilo Schwarz was formerly a Plant Manager at Festool in Germany, which was one of the five primary research sites for the book Toyota Kata. In this excellent 30-minute presentation you’ll learn vital lessons abo...

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Kata in the Classroom

This is a 10 minute introductory presentation to Kata in the Classroom’ (KiC)  – a hands-on 50-minute exercise that introduces a pattern of scientific thinking for any classroom. KiC is a fun activity tha...

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The Thinking Behind Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata

An excellent presentation by Mike Rother introducing the Kata Summit going over the essence of Kata and scientific thinking.

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Improvement Kata

Improvement Kata has become a popular topic  in recent years following the publication of Toyota Kata by Mike Rother. Kata is about...

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