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Tag Archives: Tools & techniques

Meals Per Hour

A great video that can be used as a training aid that shows how lean approaches – such problem-solving, flow, continuous improvement – can be easily applied to a charitable food distribution service in th...

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Pit Stop Length: 1950 to the Present Day.

A comparison of the length of time it took for a motor Grand Prix pit stop from 1950 to the present day. This is used to illustrate how lean thinking approaches can radically reduce process lead time.

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TWI Job Instruction

A video from the LEI demonstrating Training Within Industry Job Instruction. This is a four-step method that teaches an individual how to do a job correctly, safely, and consistently while meeting all...

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Toyota’s 8 Step Practical Problem Solving

A video from the Gemba Academy Practical Problem Solving course that explains an eight step problem solving process. It also covers PDCA and use statistical tools such as control charts, Pareto charts and scatter pl...

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A3 Problem Solving

An overview of Jamie Flinchbaugh’s book A3 Problem Solving.  Via a Prezi presentation

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Improvement Kata

Improvement Kata has become a popular topic  in recent years following the publication of Toyota Kata by Mike Rother. Kata is about...

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