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Tag Archives: Lean service

Speedee Service System

In 1948 the McDonald brothers invented the SPEEDEE SERVICE SYSTEM for burger production emphasizing speed, lower prices and volume. The Speedee Service System applied the principles of manufacturing  production to fa...

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The Housing Repairs Game Preview

This video presentation provides a description of the Housing Repairs Game, which can be used to introduce lean principles to service improvement, operations and delivery staff, typically at the start of a training pr...

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The Great Lean Manufacturing – Visa Example

This video – a Visa card advertisement – is used to show ‘perfect’ lean manufacturing in a fast food environment  – no WIP, no excess stock, Just in Time, customer satisfaction, etc. H...

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The Thoughts of John Seddon

With the publication of Freedom From Command and Control in 2005, John Seddon arguably made a significant impact on the world of lean and continuous improvement in services by challenging the standar...

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The Lean Office and Futility of 5S

Many argue that classic lean manufacturing techniques like 5S have little relevance in service orientated, office environments. This animation parodies an attempt to 5s an office.

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