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Tag Archives: Lean history

Taiichi Ohno on the Toyota Production System

Classic video of the ‘father of contemporary lean’ discussing the Toyota Production System.

Ten Precepts to think and act to win.

  1. First reduce waste.
  2. First say, “I can do...

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Lean evolution. A story of consolidation and exploration

Dr Nicola Bateman, Associate Professor Operations Management, School of Business, University of Leicester, presents “Lean evolution. A story of consolidation and exploration” at the LERC 25th anniversary c...

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Lean: New Wine in Old Bottles?

Professor John Bicheno’s presentation “Lean: New Wine in Old Bottles?” at LERC 25th Anniversary Conference, September 2019in Cardiff. John takes a characteristically unique and insightful look at Lea...

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Dan Jones: My Lean Journey

Dan Jones has played a pivotal role in shaping our understanding and application of lean thinking, initially through seminal books including The Machine that Changed the World and Lean Thinkin...

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The LEI Lean Transformation Model

John Shook, CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institute, explains the their Lean Transformation Model and its ability to transform an organisation (10 minutes, uploaded in 2014) Read More

What is Lean?

Dan Jones of the Lean Enterprise Academy and co-author of The Machine that Changed the World and Lean Thinking describes lean thinking in this six minute 2011 video

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