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The Approved Trainer Certificate

Resources for Accredited Organisations

The Approved Trainer Certificate

An exclusive certificate for those teaching on LCS accredited courses and programmes

LCS Approved Trainer Certificate

The Approved Trainer Certificate is for those delivering training on LCS accredited courses or programmes. It indicates that the accredited organisation considers that the trainer has the requisite capabilities to deliver effective training to learners.

Those with Approved Trainer Certificates are included on the LCS Register of Approved Trainers

Key points:

  • The certificate is for trainers teaching on LCS accredited courses and listed as part of the delivery resources
  • The certificate’s validity is conditional on the trainer being an active member of the training team of an LCS accredited organisation.
  • It is not a ‘qualification’ – rather, it indicates the accredited organisation’s recognition of the trainer’s status as a capable trainer.
  • The certificate is issued to trainers by accredited organisations, which are provided with a certificate template for this purpose.

How Accredited organisations obtain a certificate template

Certificate templates are issued to organisations when they first become accredited or at re-accreditation. To request a template for your accredited organisation contact us >>>,

The Approved Trainer Register

Approved Trainer’s can listed on the LCS Approved Trainer Register and are eligible to receive an Approved Trainer digital badge, which can be added to the trainer’s Practitioner Member profile. It can also be used to display in email footers, personal websites and other media.

To download the badge, right click on the image and select ‘save image as’.

Add the Approved Trainer badge to your LCS practitioner member profile

The Approved Trainer badge can be added to their LCS Practitioner Member digital credentials profile, which offers several benefits:

  • It promotes Approved Trainer status to the community.
  • Qualifications can be listed that have been verified, thus enhancing the credibility of the profile.
  • Trainers can showcase teaching and practice experience and expertise in your personal biography.
  • As a practitioner member, trainers can communicate and network with other trainers.
  • Trainers can share your credentials on social media platforms.

LCS Approved Trainer Register

To become part of the Approved Trainer Register and to request a member profile badge Click here >>>

NOTE: If the trainer is not registered as an LCS Practitioner Member, a request to be made one can be made via the link above.