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Accreditation Management

Resources for Accredited Organisations

Accreditation Management Resources

Information about managing your accreditation, including adding LCS levels, updating your LCS Accreditation Folder, converting to Standard from SME, setting up a test, re-accrediting and purchasing more LCS Level 1a certificates

Add LCS levels to your existing accreditation

You can add LCS Levels to your accreditation at any time and at no cost by completing the Levels Extension Application Form.

Add levels

Update your accreditation folder

Ensure that major changes to your training programme are reflected in your Accreditation Folder by completing the Accreditation Folder Update Form.


Test set up

An SME accredited organisation can set up a test for a course it is delivering with Test Set Up Request form. It can also check out the Creating Tests Guide web page for information on the overall process and developing test questions.

Set up test

Tests Guide

Calculate accreditation fees

Easily check the fees for different accreditation scenarios and certificate volumes with this ready reckoner.



If you want to renew your accreditation after two years, there a simple process that involves completing an online Re-accreditation Questionnaire.


Convert from SME to Standard Accreditation

SME accredited organisations can convert to Standard at any point by completing a form that provides evidence of thier capability to deliver and manage knowledge assessments.

SME upgrade

Buying more LCS Level 1a certificates

Those with Standard Accreditation can top up their allocation of Level 1a certificates at any time during their accreditation period without changing your Fee Band.

L1a top up

The Level 3 Programme

Find out about the highest LCS award – LCS Level 3 – for senior manager requiring an endorsement of their strategic and transformation lean credentials.

L3 Programme

LCS Continuing Professional Development

Discover LCS CPD: the unique structured lean approach to continuously improving a practitioner’s lean competence and providing evidence of ongoing professional development.