Welcome to the LCS website and to the community of practitioners who are dedicated to using lean thinking to help improve the ability of their organisations to deliver the appropriate value to their customers and stakeholders with the minimum of resources.

This website is a place where lean practitioners can come together to communicate ideas, debate issues, find information and solve problems. It encourages ‘peer-to-peer’ learning – that is, when everyone can be both a teacher and a learner –  by promoting collaboration, networking, discussion and information sharing, leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the community. The site also provides comprehensive information on organisational lean training system accreditation and personal LCS certification.

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The site is organised around the main LCS activities, accessible from the top blue bar menu, and clicking Information will reveal a sub-menu with a list of pages with resources and supporting information. The menu of the foot of the page has links to the privacy policy, newsletter sign up and contact form.

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You can search for news reports, videos, articles and events via the Word Cloud feature in each area - just click on a word or phrase to go to all linked items. The bigger the word or phrase, the more items are linked to it.

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Main Office:

The Maltings Business Centre,
East Tyndall Street,
Cardiff, CF24 5EZ,
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Lean Competency Services Ltd
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