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Welcome to the Community


Welcome to the LCS website and to the community of practitioners who are dedicated to using lean thinking to continually improve and develop.

This website is a place where lean practitioners can come together to communicate ideas, debate issues, find information and solve problems. It encourages ‘peer-to-peer’ learning – that is, when everyone can be both a teacher and a learner –  by promoting collaboration, networking, discussion and information sharing, leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the community.

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Please provide feedback on any aspect of the site – on features you think should be included, changed or areas that could be improved.

See the Frequently Asked Questions about the LCS on the FAQs page.

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Membership pages are accessed via the LCS Community link on the top menu bar, and click on Account to access your personal profile page.

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You can search for topics in news, articles, videos and events via the Word Cloud feature in each area - just click on a word or phrase to go to all linked items. The bigger the word or phrase, the more items are linked to it.

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