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Community Membership

Community Membership

The site is dedicated to those who have gained Certificates of Lean Competency as part of their lean learning and only these individuals are eligible to register for Standard Practitioner Membership.

A new membership type - Premium Practitioner Membership (PPM) - is being launched towards the end of 2020, which will include Continuing Professional Development. Standard Practitioner Members will be able to upgrade to PPM for a small fee.

Those not able to join as a Practitioner Members, can register as a Guest members and have limited access to the site’s features. Guests can, however, apply for PPM.

Becoming a Practitioner Membership is straightforward. A registration form is submitted and once the applicant’s credentials have been verified, membership is confirmed.

Once you are registered as a Practitioner Member, you can create your own digital profile.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile is where you can display your digital credentials, allowing you to showcase your capabilities to the wider community.

Your digital profile lists your current role, verified LCS qualifications, other CI related verified qualifications and awards, social media links, employment history, other education and a biographical profile.

See the Digital Credentials page for more information.

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