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The Forum

The Forum is where you can create a discussion or join an existing one with the LCS community. For example, you can ask questions, pose problems, post views or comment on articles. You can also request the creation of a Private forum based around a particular LCS accredited organisation or theme.

Your Forum status is indicated by a range of forum badges displayed in your profile area; check out how the Forum works.


If you want to post an article that may be of interest to the community, get in touch via email or through the contact form. You can view published articles via the top menu – note that you can filter by category, so you can find those in specific topic areas. An article could be your considered opinion on a topic or issue, a report on research results, a case study or innovation, a book review and so on.


The News section is where you will find the latest topical information about LCS matters and related activity and if you have a news item you think will be of interest to the community, complete a Contact Form with details or email  You can also keep up to date by subscribing to the regular LCS newsletter.


A comprehensive list of conferences, seminars, workshops appears in the Events page and you can ask for an event you may be organising to be included in the list – submit a contact form with the details.