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CPD Contents

Welcome to LCS Continuing Professional Development

LCS CPD: the structured approach to continuously improving your Lean Competence.

The CPD section contains the following pages:

  • CPD Introduction, defines CPD, describes the LCS CPD approach and provides an overview of how it works.
  • Benefits, Support, outlines the benefits of LCS CPD and the support available from the LCS to assist practitioners in their CPD cycle.
  • The CPD Cycle, describes the PDCA model underpinning LCS CPD, the stages in the annual cycle and lists the activities that a practitioner undertakes.
  • The CPD Elements , describes the elements used to plan, track and assess CPD activity, plus how the unique CPD web platform is used.
  • Registration, describes the registration process, provides information on suitability for CPD and outlines the stages in your first CPD cycle.
  • The FAQ, Glossary, contains typical questions about LCS CPD and a Glossary of CPD terms.

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