CPD Application


CPD is aimed at lean/CI practitioners working in organisations or lean consultants working with clients on lean related projects. The lean element of the role may be full time or part time, though is likely to be a significant element. Practitioners will normally apply on an individual basis, though some organisations may choose to include CPD as part of their LCS accreditation package.

Ideally, those on the CPD path should have an LCS qualification, but it is not mandatory.

Application & Cost

Applicants need to complete an on line form, in which they provide career and education details.

Once the application has been accepted, a message with will be sent with full instructions for payment of the fee and for starting LCS CPD.


The LCS CPD initial annual subscription is £175.00 (+ VAT) and the annual renewal fee is £145.00 (+ VAT).

Initiation & Ongoing Process Overview

  1. You complete and submit an application form.
    1. Pay CPD fee (eg via LCS Shop)
  2. LCS confirms acceptance on the CPD programme
    1. Certificate of CPD Registration sent
  3. You register on the LCS website (if not already registered)
    1. Add personal profile information.
  4. LCS changes status to CPD Registered.
    1. Name added to the CPD Central Register.
    2. Invitation sent by LCS to share personal Google Drive folder
  5. You set up access to your cloud based CPD folder on Google Drive
  6. You access the CPD A3 Annual Plan template and create your first annual plan.
  7. LCS reviews A3 plan and provides feedback and endorsement.
  8. You start the CPD cycle by recording activities on your CPD Activity Record as they take place.
  9. You undertake periodic checks on the A3 plan using the Progress Check Record
    1. Adjust plan and create a new version if necessary
  10. You undertake a 12 month self-assessment of the plan using the Progress Check Record
    1. Submit to LCS for endorsement
  11. LCS endorses and issues Professional Practitioner Certificate
    1. CPD Central Register updated by LCS
  12. You update the A3 plan for the next CPD cycle

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