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3. Benefits & Support

LCS Continuing Professional Development

Benefits of LCS CPD

LCS CPD offers a unique mechanism to help a practitioner identify and realise his or her personal continuous improvement goals, in a focussed, cost effective, time efficient and lean manner.

The main external benefIt is that its signals to colleagues, peers and the general business community that a practitioner's lean competency is relevant, growing, informed and well practised.

  • It enables learning and development to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive; there is continual upskilling and reskilling.
  • It creates ‘lean habits’ in the way that you organise and plan your personal development.
  • It offers a robust mechanism to motivate, guide and direct you along your CI professional development path.
  • It provides a clear indicator that you are up to date with the latest lean thinking and practice and ensures that your academic and practical qualifications do not become out of date.
  • It provides opportunities for learning, sharing and networking with other practitioners and organisations in the CPD community.
  • It provides tangible elements of achievement and competence to display and communicate, including the LCS CPD certificate and a badge in your digital credentials profile.


The LCS supports practitioners through their CPD journeys by providing;

  • A unique web based platform for planning, logging activities and self assessment.
  • A comprehensive CPD Handbook and detailed guides to all aspects.
  • Approval of A3 plans and endorsement of progress checks with comments and feedback.
  • Information on conferences, courses, webinars, videos, and reading material that can aid professional development.
  • Web page help, tips and FAQs.
  • Access to the CPD community to share experiences and insights.