CPD Benefits / Support

Benefits of LCS CPD

  • A clear indicator that you are up to date with the latest lean thinking and practice.
  • Reassurance that your competence is being continuously improved as a result of a range of learning and practicing activities.
  • The creation of ‘lean habits’ in the way you organise your personal development.
  • Having a robust mechanism to motivate, guide and direct you along your lean professional development path.
  • Opportunities for learning, sharing and networking with other Professional Practitioners and organisations via the CPD network.
  • Tangible elements of achievement and competence to display and communicate, including the LCS CPD certificate and badge.
  • Entry on the public register of LCS CPD Professional Practitioners

The CPD Discussion Forum

Professional Practitioners have access to a private forum to communicate with each other about any aspect of LCS CPD.


The LCS supports individuals through their CPD journeys by providing;

  • A LCS CPD Handbook, providing a comprehensive guide to all aspects.
  • Endorsement of CPD plans and evaluations.
  • Examples of effective CPD, with commentaries on how individuals have progressed on their lean journeys.
  • Information on and (where relevant) links to conferences, courses, webinars, videos, reading material and so on
  • An LCS Professional Practitioner Certificate when registered, renewed annually.
  • Frequently asked questions web page and discussion forum.
  • LCS CPD community to share learning with a wider group of individuals from other LCS accredited organisations
  • Clear guidelines on how to capture, share and log CPD activity
  • Templates for planning and recording CPD activities

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