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5. Applying

SME Accreditation

How to Apply for SME Accreditation

1. Complete a Registration Form

When you are ready to commit to the accrediting process, complete and return a Registration Form. This gets your application 'in the system' and collects contact and administrative information. Note that it is not a legally binding document.


2. Complete a Submission Form

Once you have Registered, you can start your Submission Form which is completed online. You should be signed in as a Guest or Practitioner Member before you start the form, as this will save the form and allow you to edit it.

You should refer to the Guide to SME Accreditation before you start completing the form and the Submission Form web page contains downloads and links to technical guides and resources.


Terms and Conditions

Click the link below to download the latest SME Accreditation General Terms

SME Terms