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6. Application Resources

Level 2 APLE Certification

Useful Resources

Download the PDF LCS L2 APLE application guidance


Download the PDF L2 and L3 competency profile guidance


Critical Reflection

You will be asked to critically reflect on your cases experience. Critical reflection is essentially making meaning of an experience and the process of looking back on what has been done and pondering on it and learning lessons from what did or did not work.

View this short video on Critical Thinking

Application Form Explanation

LCS Level

You should select the LCS Level you’re applying for. Read the competency profile guidance document for the recommended profile for each level.

1. Personal details

Provide your home address details and you must include your email address.

2. Current and 3. Previous employment

Provide details of your current employment, plus the details for up to four other roles that are most relevant to the application. In the responsibilities & achievements fields, focus on items related to lean/continuous improvement.

4. Education and training

Provide details on up to five courses that support your application. These can include degrees and courses leading to professional or technical qualifications, as well as vocational and short courses . For each course list the course title and award/qualification, the course provider, date(s) of the course and state if a certificate is attached at the end of the form.

5. Other learning

Use this field to detail other learning activity undertaken not covered above that you think is relevant to your application. This could include informal learning, experiential learning, learning-by-doing, self-directed study and research.

6. Statement

Make a short statement (250 words maximum) summarising how your lean knowledge and practical experience meets the Level 2 criteria. You can refer to the profile guidance document to help with this.

7. Reference

Provide the name and email of a person who can support your application, noting his or her connection with you (eg manager, colleague, customer, tutor. mentor, etc). This should not be a relative or personal friend and, clearly, someone who is familiar with your career.

8. Declaration

Add your electronic signature and the date. Note that you are confirming that the information contained in the application is accurate.

9. File Uploads

For the qualification certificates and any other documents fields, you can add a maximum of four files each. The any other attachment field can be used for other documents that you think support your application.

Note that at the end of the form, you need to consent to the LCS collecting and storing your information by clicking the yes button. See the LCS website privacy policy.