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Tag Archives: Lean service

Why Lean Thinking is Valuable to the Service Industry

Is Lean Thinking Only Applicable to Manufacturing? Lean’s success has been tried, tested and proven in manufacturing and with the service industry constantly growing, many in the sector are also looking at whether or not the same principles can be applied with the same impact. Some are sceptical and argue that methodologies intended... Read More

Technology Optimsed Lean Performance Management System

Using technology to optimise the lean performance management system in service operations Ask a lean professional for their top three reasons why projects fail to reach their full potential and an absence of consistent, complete and trusted data is very likely to feature. Common problem areas include identifying improvement opportunities,... Read More

The Equation of Lean

“I’m sorry, but all our agents are busy at the moment…” We’ve all experienced this apologetic message on a Monday morning when we call a service centre to make that claim, book an appointment, or request service. They are experiencing “high levels of demand” and you’re invited to go to... Read More