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How Should Your Company Consider Customer Lifetime Value?

Preface The concept of lifetime value is well founded in the sales and marketing field, where there has been a growing appreciation that it is cheaper and more profitable to maintain than gain and that a business needs to think over the long term regarding its customer relationships, rather than take... Read More

Value Confusion: The Problem of Lean in Public Services

Introduction For well over a decade continuous improvement approaches have been formally applied in the public sector in the UK and elsewhere, in an attempt to improve service quality and streamline processes, often in response to cuts in public expenditure budgets imposed by governments. Many public services in the UK... Read More

Tesco: Lean Retailer Lost?

Co-written with Barry Evans and first published in February 2015 Introduction Tesco has long been feted as a lean retailer and an early exponent of structured continuous improvement outside of manufacturing, so does its recent tribulations indicate that it has lost some of its lean sheen and indeed what does... Read More