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The Five Essential Qualities of a Lean Manager

Lean management (and the leadership implicit within the role) plays an essential role in the operation and success of lean businesses.  Without a willingness to adopt a lean leadership approach, companies will struggle to fully benefit from the implementation of lean, as leading influencers will still be fixed in traditional... Read More

Four Sectors that have Benefited from Lean Thinking

Lean thinking has produced some impressive results for organisations over a range of industries and sectors. The lean concept, popularised through Toyota, was created to cut down on waste and establish a more customer focused business. Since then, the principles of lean have been replicated and adapted to almost every industry and sector beyond manufacturing, as the... Read More

Why Lean Thinking is Valuable to the Service Industry

Is Lean Thinking Only Applicable to Manufacturing? Lean’s success has been tried, tested and proven in manufacturing and with the service industry constantly growing, many in the sector are also looking at whether or not the same principles can be applied with the same impact. Some are sceptical and argue that methodologies intended... Read More

Five ways LEAN THINKING can enhance your business

Successful companies are always looking for new strategies to improve their business and generate more growth. However, introducing a new strategy to an established business structure does not always improve the quality of the business. It is much more valuable to apply a strategy which can tackle the issues within... Read More