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Five Success Factors for Planning, Building & Running Operational Excellence Programmes

Introduction This article is a summary of a presentation made for the final assessment component of the LCS Level 3 Programme and puts into context five quintessential success factors for Operational Excellence programmes. These factors affect, to different degree, the three main phases of an OPEX programme, the Plan, Build,... Read More

The Five Essential Qualities of a Lean Manager

Lean management (and the leadership implicit within the role) plays an essential role in the operation and success of lean businesses.  Without a willingness to adopt a lean leadership approach, companies will struggle to fully benefit from the implementation of lean, as leading influencers will still be fixed in traditional... Read More

Teaching Supermarkets: The Highs and Lows of the Board

When lecturing on the importance of the Board in determining the success of companies, the main company that I’d call upon to illustrate ‘how best to do it’ was Tesco. For years companies have been eager to hear about how Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco’s former CEO, used a balance scorecard... Read More