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Robotics in Lean Financial Services: Friend or Foe?

Introduction Growth of Lean in Financial Services Lean’s application in services started to grow significantly in the early 2000’s, prompted by writers and practitioners, such as Michael L. George (‘Lean Six Sigma for Service’) and John Seddon (‘Freedom from Command & Control’) and Womack and Jones (‘Lean Solutions’). In financial... Read More

E-Efficiency and E-Effectiveness of Public Services

It is my firm belief that public services can be at the cutting edge of digital developments. In a previous blogs I eulogised about the savings in both customer time and actual cost that came from the Passport Office sharing digital information with the DVLA.  Yet despite so much excellent... Read More

Technology Optimsed Lean Performance Management System

Using technology to optimise the lean performance management system in service operations Ask a lean professional for their top three reasons why projects fail to reach their full potential and an absence of consistent, complete and trusted data is very likely to feature. Common problem areas include identifying improvement opportunities,... Read More

Improving Customer Service through Digital Technologies: Learning from Different Sectors

A while ago, I wrote a blog about the role that digital technologies played when I bought a bike online and how important it was to analyse the entire customer experience when trying to ensure customer satisfaction. A key part of the great service experience in that example was the... Read More