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Tips for Optimising your Digital Credentials Profile

Setting up your digital credentials profile is the first step – but what happens now? How do you ensure that your profile is as strong as it can be, and how do you make sure people are seeing your profile? First, if you haven’t yet got a digital credentials profile... Read More

Why Digital Credentials are now more important than ever

Digital credentials, upskilling and digital transformation are the professional buzzwords of 2020 – and it’s no surprise that digital is bigger than ever after the world went into lockdown. For many businesses, digital transformation has become the ‘new normal’ and for individuals, upskilling and making sure you have a killer... Read More

How to set up your free LCS digital credentials profile

LCS has recently launched a brand-new digital credentials platform, allowing LCS practitioners to showcase their qualifications online! As an LCS member, you are now able to join the digital credentials movement and promote your professional profile online for free, with the brand-new LCS digital credentials facility. Create your profile, showcase... Read More