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Creating Organisational Cultures of Learning – Linked Learning Loops

“The trouble with us is that we’ve got no corporate memory.” I’ve heard this statement in various forms from a variety of different people I’ve worked with over the years. The starkest version came from a senior officer in a police force. He was referring to the fact that his... Read More

The Five Essential Qualities of a Lean Manager

Lean management (and the leadership implicit within the role) plays an essential role in the operation and success of lean businesses.  Without a willingness to adopt a lean leadership approach, companies will struggle to fully benefit from the implementation of lean, as leading influencers will still be fixed in traditional... Read More

The Destructive Force of the CAVE Mentality!

A regular criticism of a lean approach to work is simply that it’s “common sense”. If it’s so “common” however, then how come there are so many work processes that are so complicated, unwieldy and simply do not work?! To say that a lean approach to work is common sense... Read More

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