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How Should Your Company Consider Customer Lifetime Value?

Preface The concept of lifetime value is well founded in the sales and marketing field, where there has been a growing appreciation that it is cheaper and more profitable to maintain than gain and that a business needs to think over the long term regarding its customer relationships, rather than take... Read More

The Equation of Lean

“I’m sorry, but all our agents are busy at the moment…” We’ve all experienced this apologetic message on a Monday morning when we call a service centre to make that claim, book an appointment, or request service. They are experiencing “high levels of demand” and you’re invited to go to... Read More

Improving Customer Service through Digital Technologies: Learning from Different Sectors

A while ago, I wrote a blog about the role that digital technologies played when I bought a bike online and how important it was to analyse the entire customer experience when trying to ensure customer satisfaction. A key part of the great service experience in that example was the... Read More