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    Netiquette means respecting other users’ views and displaying common courtesy when posting your views to online discussion groups.

    The Basic Rules

    1. Refrain from personal abuse. You may express robust disagreement with what someone says, but don’t call them names or threaten them with personal violence.
    2. Don’t spam. That is, don’t write a post that is a thinly veiled advertisement or post advertisements for products or services.
    3. Write clearly and succinctly. The community has many non-native English speakers, so avoid using slang they may not understand.
    4. Remember that your posts are public (albeit within the LCS community). They could be read by your partner, your children, your parents, or your employer.
    5. Stay on-topic, especially when you’re new. Don’t post about topics that fall way outside the lean arena.
    6. Don’t expect other people to do your homework for you. If you’re looking for technical help or the answer to a problem, for example, don’t ask questions you could easily answer yourself by doing some reading or some concerted online searching via a search engine like Google or Bing.
    7. When you do ask for help, include details of what attempts you’ve made to solve the problem. It will save time and also show people that you are making an effort to help yourself.
    8. Do not post copyrighted material to which you do not own the rights.
    9. LCS site management has the final say in enforcing the rules.

    What happens if you break the rules?

    If someone breaks a rule the following may happen:

    • He/she may be asked to put it right or apologise.
    • He/she may be warned about future behaviour.
    • His/her membership may be temporarily suspended, or even deleted

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